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100 things

1. I procrastinate. A lot. About everything.

2. I started this list originally 2 years ago.

3. I have 5 siblings, 3 step, 2 biological.

4. I am the oldest sibling.

5. I got my driver's license after 4 out of 5 younger siblings got theirs.

6. I have 2 cats, Virgil and Maddie.

7. My dog, Poker, lives with my mom.

8. As pets, I have had fish, a hamster, cats, a dog, and rats.

9. I heartily recommend rats as pets.

10. I have one niece (my stepsister's daughter), one nephew (my husband's nephew) and another nephew on the way (stepsister due in February).

11. I knit. A lot.

12. I'm addicted to blogging, even though I rarely post.

13. I have 6 active email addresses.

14. I have my own domain with virtually nothing on it but pictures.

15. I take more pictures of my cats than anything else, including husband, nephew, niece and vacations.

16. My grandparents are selling their house and I'm devastated.

17. Even though it's haunted and I've never had a comfortable night's sleep there.

18. I desperately want my own house.

19. I've never knit anything for my husband bigger than a pair of socks.

20. My sister is the main recipient for knitted items because she loves them all.

21. I'm very close to my sister, and she lives 5 minutes away.

22. I'm not all that close to my dad, and he never visited me in college, or in 2 out of 4 of my apartments.

23. My dad has never been to my current apartment, or met my cat.

24. I got married September 25th, 2004.

25. I started dating my husband May 19th, 1998.

26. I didn't really like him before April of 1998.

27. I fell in love with him the first time he kissed me.

28. If I could live anywhere, it would probably be in Maine. Or on the Cape.

29. I don't have a Boston accent, though my mom still has hers after living in New York for almost 20 years.

30. I do say "wicked" a lot, though.

31. And I prefer jimmies to sprinkles.

32. I love western Massachusetts.

33. I want to live in a rural town, but stay close to Northampton, MA.

34. My husband's name is Matt, and he's a Cancer.

35. I'm a Gemini. Boy, am I a Gemini.

36. I still haven't graduated from college.

37. I've taken classes at 4 different colleges.

38. I went to Hampshire College, in Amherst, MA for 2 years.

39. I loved the whole "Hampshire Experience."

40. I love smoking, though I'm mostly quit.

41. I spend a lot of time daydreaming.

42. Last week I daydreamed that I'd be a diplomat to Sweden.

43. I love to learn foreign languages.

44. I've taken 5 years of Spanish and 1 semester of Japanese.

45. I'd love to learn Japanese, Portugese (Brazilian) and Swedish.

46. I would like to become a lactation consultant (IBCLC) and go to Brazil and work with poor mothers.

47. I really want to write a book.

48. I can't decide whether to write a novel, a non-fiction psychological book, a memoir, or a book of poetry.

49. I love to take pictures, but suffer from performance anxiety.

50. I love to go to muesems.

51. I want to be a vegetarian again.

52. One of my pet peeves is when people won't eat veal because it's a baby cow, but still eat all other kinds of meat.

53. Another pet peeve is people who don't turn their headlights on in the rain or snow.

54. Yet another pet peeve is when people use the word "peek" or "peak" instead of "pique."

55. I can be a bit of a grammar freak.

56. I suspect that in my former life I was either a Viking peasant, or a Catholic Scot.

57. I read like a maniac.

58. I can re-read books, and do. Frequently.

59. I have a bizarre addiction to pens and lip gloss.

60. Oh, and blank notebooks.

61. I wish I wasn't so materialistic, but I like to have things.

62. I like to have lots of books, yarn, pens, lip gloss, and notebooks.

63. I'm still not 100% sure what I want to be when I grow up.

64. Or, rather, there are about 5 different things I want to be.

65. I want to be a writer, medical biller, librarian, psychologist, and teacher.

66. I'd love to be a WAHM.

67. I love to travel to different places.

68. But I really hate to fly.

69. Heh. 69. I still giggle at juvenile humor, when I think no one is paying attention.

70. I've never been out of the country, except to Canada when I was a baby.

71. Sometimes I think I'm psychic, but most of the time I try to pretend I don't think I am.

72. The first concert I ever went to was NIN when I was in 10th grade.

73. Marilyn Manson and The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow opened.

74. I can be pretty pretentious, and I hate that about myself.

75. I love to go out to goth clubs and complain about the music, drinks, ambience, and fellow club-goers.

76. I have known 2 serious alcoholics. It makes you realize how lightly the word is tossed around when you meet a SERIOUS alcoholic.

77. I have known 2 people with MPD (or DID, as it is more correctly known), and 1 who might have been, or might have just been faking.

78. Morgan and I used to skip class to get drunk while watching an episode of Law and Order we'd seen 3 times before.

79. I can never remember the end of Law and Order, even if I've seen the episode 8 times.

80. I can only remember one joke punchline. Therefore, it's my only joke. (Hint: "Arggh, it's driving me nuts!")

81. I liked pirates BEFORE they were cool. Really.

82. I taught Archery at a Boy Scout Camp. And loved it.

83. I used to work in day care, and I loved that, too.

84. I've helped potty train 14 kids.

85. I used to take the bus everywhere, and loved it.

86. My favorite library ever is the Jones Library in Amherst.

87. I think I'm burned out artistically.

88. In high school, I used to do poetry open mics.

89. I live in a city that doesn't really recycle, and it makes me anxious.

90. I live in the poorest city in Massachusetts.

91. The city I live in has one of the biggest St. Patrick's day parade's in the country...and the parade route goes right in front of my apartment.

92. I love my job and believe in what my company stands for.

93. I can't afford to work there.

94. When I was little, I wanted to run away to Alaska and live off the land with a sled dog that I would name London.

95. I had imaginary friends. Superman and a horse named White Shadow.

96. I have never been to New Orleans, and I'm dying to go.

97. I was a "horse girl" when I was little. I still love horses.

98. I was born May 24th, 1979.

99. My middle name is Carol. I was named after my grandmothers, who are both named Carol.

100. I can't believe I finally finished this list!


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